January 1987

In January 1987 Polish Television decides to go forward with the production of the 10 episode television series "Decalogue". Kieslowski also obtained governmental approval to produce two episodes (V and VI - "Short Film About Love" and "Short Film About Killing) in cinematic versions. Filming began in March.
In the Catholic monthly magazine "General Overview" a lampoon of the director appears.
Some former colleagues - for various reasons - refuse to cooperate with the director on “The Decalogue”.
Production of all the episodes of "The Decalogue" lasted - with small breaks - almost two years.
"Blind Chance", after a six years 'grace period', is allowed in Polish cinemas. However it is mainly shown in film clubs. It's also presented out of competition at many festivals - including Cannes, Amsterdam, Moscow.
At the Film Festival in Gdansk Kieslowski's script for “Blind Chance” receives an award.



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