At the XI National Short Film Festival in Cracow, "I was a soldier" receives two destinctions, while „Factory” is awarded „The Worker's Voice”, for being the movie „most engaged in contemporary issues”.
Kieślowski is among the „angry youth”, for formulate the manifesto of the „new documentary”.
The „Ekran” magazine pubishes Kieślowski's article titled „
in which he demands
and criticizes the system prevailing in television.
Through the pages of the weekly „Polityka” sweeps a loud discussion between „new documentalists” with renowned ciritic Zygmunt Kałużyński. He accuses the younger generation – especially Kieślowski – of lack of formality, eclecticism, lack of „balanced viewpoints” and workshop maturity. „We are interested in places where seemingly everything is working properly, but within lies a concealed disease. We want the object of our observation – a living, real person – to become the backbone of moral, ethical and worldview generalizations.” - declared in a polemic Kieślowski, Zygadło and Kisiński.
In the autumn, it was them who tried, along with a large team of collegues, to reflect „the real problems of the working class”. Their hour long documentary titled „Workers '71”, was heavily censored, and the author's cut was never distrubuted.



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