April 1994

In April in the Danish capital he receives the Sonning Prize, granted to him by the University of Copenhagen, and in Wittenberg - from Johannes Rau – the German award "Bibel und Kultur".
At the International Cannes Film Festival movie "Red", viewed as the front-runner for the Golden Palm, does not receive any awards. The jury prize honors the brutal "Pulp Fiction" dir. Quentin Tarantino.

In Italy, France and the UK, books are published dedicated to “The Decalogue”, “Three colors”, and numerous analysis of the entire work of the Polish director.

French TV station La Sept/ Arte produces two documentaries with Kieślowski's participation: „Cinema Lessons” and „Conversations around the „Decalogue” (Dominique Rabourdin and Andrzej Wolski).

The first Polish book about Kieślowski is published („Kieślowski without end”) - comprised among others of recorded interviews conducted by S. Zawiśliński).

Participates in viewings of his films in the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Great Britan, Switzerland, the Chech Republic, Scandinavia and other countries.

After returning to Poland he takes a teaching position in the Lodz Film School.
Recieves honorary membership of the Britsh Film Institute.

He teaches filmmaking courses in Western Europe (including Helsinki and Italy).
Mentors several students at the Lodz Film School.
It supports the initiators of the international cinematographers festival "Cammerimage"
in Toruń.



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