Education in Warsaw

15 January 2016

In October of 1957 Krzysztof Kieślowski left Sokołowsko. He went to continue his education in Warsaw. This was a leap into the unknown – an escape from provincial, small town apathy and lack of prospects, into the metropolitan hustle and bustle filled with possibilities.

In October of 1957 he found a foothold in the State Theater High School (Państwowe Liceum Technik Teatralnych), the deputy director was a distant cousin of his mother, Kazimierz Pręczkowski, painter and scenographer. Thanks to his influence Kieślowski was enrolled in this unique institution. They trained decorators, tailors, wig-makers, makeup artists, prop masters, costume designers, carpenters, furniture makers and lighting specialists for work in the theaters.

The first year in the high school was a selection year. Only half of the students graduated further – of 48 only 24 remained on average.

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