Blind Chance uncensored

09 December 2015

Realized in 1981 the film was banned by the censors due to martial law and was shelved for six years. Released in Polish cinemas on July 10th 1987 the movie had its world premiere in 1987 at the Cannes Festival.

The full version of the film can be viewed today thanks to the original material, that was kept by Kieślowski's co-worker, sound engineer Michał Żarnecki, after the censorship made cuts.

“Blind Chance” was Krzysztof's fifth feature film. The script was written in summer of 1980. Filmed in 1981. (…) We finished filming in conspiratorial conditions. (…) Due to the decision of the film studio Tor and Maria Kieślowska we have we have undertaken to reconstruct the film to its original form, the way Krzysztof intended it to be. It was an extremely difficult task. (…) The fragments of the movie that got cut by censorship where lost. It's unknown what happened to them. (…) For 30 years I stored the audio tracks. (…) The reconstructed film is a complete picture, with the exception of a fragment from the seventh act, that was list in Filmoteka. (…) Michał Żarnecki: sound engineer, curator of the digital reconstruction / quote courtesy of OFF Camera International Festival Of Independent Cinema /

The negative of one of seven censored scenes, a fragment of the seventh act was never found in Filmoteka. The original audio track, kept safe by Żarnecki, was edited into the digital reconstruction, but without the scene. The material presented with the audio track are two film stills by „Blind Chance” set photographer Sylwia Pakulska. The photographs are part of the resources of The Krzysztof Kieślowski Archive in Sokołowsko, provided by Ms. Maria Kieślowska.

Digital reconstruction was conducted under the supervision of cinematographer Krzysztof Pakulski and sound engineer Michał Żarnecki.

The footage
is part of The Krzysztof Kieślowski Archive Exhibition, that opened on September 5th 2015 during the festival.



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