2016 The year of Kieślowski

19 January 2016

The Polish Film Academy declared the year 2016 as the year of Kieślowski

The Polish Film Academy in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the death of Krzysztof Kieślowski on March 13th established him as the patron of this year. The film opening the review of the movies that are candidates for „Polish Eagles”, was „Camera Buff” in its reconstructed version.

“It is no accident we chose „Camera Buff” from 1979. In a world that is so rapidly changing, filmmakers all the more must ask the questions – where to direct the camera and why they do it. The Polish Film Academy firmly believes that filmmakers are not just for entertainment, they also have a responsibility to society. „Camera Buff” was reconstructed thanks to digital innovation, both the sound and the image where revamped. Viewers can experience the film the way its creator – Krzysztof Kieślowski - did so many years ago – The Polish Film Academy president Dariusz Jabłoński told PAP.

We would like to recall, that the movie „Camera Buff” was the leading theme in the Sokołowsko Film Festival Hommage a Kieślowski in 2014. As the organizers of the festival, and creators of TKKA we agree with the president of the Academy, who was an assistant to Kieślowski, and said that that for all those who met with Kieślowski and collaborated with the director it was a great experience. „He had a strong, expressive personality. A great man and artist. His work is very well alive, not just in the hearts of Polish fans, but also abroad. Just go to any festival – the name Kieślowski evokes admiration and sentiment. We still don't wholly appreciate, the great impact that Kieślowski had on Polish culture. Let his personality and work serve as an example and inspiration for Polish filmmakers, as a model on how we can responsibly and seriously treat our work.

(source: PAP)



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